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High alumina brick production process

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High  alumina brick production process, crushing - mixing - molding - firing -  packaging - shipping, it is a neutral refractory material from bauxite  or other oxides containing high raw materials by molding and calcined. High thermal shock resistance, refractoriness above 1770 ℃. Better slag resistance. High-alumina brick is mainly used for masonry steel furnace, glass furnace, cement rotary kiln lining. When  the content of Al? O? In the brick exceeds 71.8%, more Al? O? Forms  corundum crystals at high temperature and two high temperature crystal  phases at the same time, and the eutectic temperature rises from 1595? C  of low Al? O? 1840 ° C.
First, raw materials
1, the use of premium bauxite clinker as the main ingredient
2, Pyrophyllite powder 325 mesh, its composition is mainly Al? O? 18%, Fe? O?? 0.5%
3, combined with clay (Shanxi soft clay 190 mesh) the main components of Al? O? 34%, Fe? O?? 1.0%
4, water
Second, powder preparation:
1, due to the high alumina bauxite each other for a long time, put the  outside world before mixing into impurities, debris removal.
2, cooked alum material, broken into broken system. Sieve with 3.0 mm screen.
Particle size requirements: ≥ 3mm 3-1mm ≤ 0.088mm
4-8% ≥60% ≤10%
3, part of the sieve material expected by Ramon machine ground into fine powder.
Size requirements: ≤ 0.088mm ≥ 95%
4, a workshop will be strictly separated from the two production lines, with a production of high-alumina brick. Put into operation before clinker, fine powder into the silo spare.
5, pyrophyllite, Shanxi clay were weighed, into a bag spare.
Third, mud preparation
1, ingredients:
Clinker, fines, clay, pyrophyllite, water (plus)
2, mixing:
Add the order, static mix for 15 minutes, the material may not have mud and dry material. (Moisture can be adjusted according to the molding situation)
3, forming:
4, model scale: regardless of location, length, width 0.5%, thickness 0%
High alumina brick brick embryo body density 2.95g / cm3
Brick porosity: 22 ~ 23%
High  alumina bricks semi-finished product size standards: When the brick  size ≤ 100mm, the error is ± 1mm: When the high alumina brick brick  embryo in 100 ~ 200mm, the error allowed range of ± 1.5mm: When the  brick size ≥ 1.5mm: When the size of refractory brick ≥ 200mm, the error is ± 2mm.
Fourth, the implementation of other projects according to operating instructions
Fired: high-alumina brick code to side code-based, the maximum firing temperature of 1420 ℃.


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