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Rotary kiln in various industries

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Rotary kiln refers to the rotary kiln (commonly known as rotary kiln), belonging to building materials equipment category. Rotary kiln by processing different materials can be divided into cement kilns, metallurgical chemical kilns and lime kilns. Cement  kiln is mainly used for calcination of cement clinker, dry production  of cement kilns and wet production of cement kiln two categories. Metallurgical  chemical kiln is mainly used in the metallurgical industry iron ore  lean iron magnetization roasting; chromium, nickel iron ore roasting;  refractory plant roasting high bauxite ore and aluminum roasting  clinker, aluminum hydroxide; chemical plant roasting chrome ore And chromium ore and other minerals. Lime kilns (ie, active lime kilns) are used to roast active lime and  light-burned dolomite for steel plants and ferroalloy plants.
Rotary kiln role
1.  Its technical performance and operating conditions, to a large extent,  determine the quality, output and cost of the enterprise's products. "As long as the kiln turn, there are tens of millions of" folk ballad  is a vivid description of the importance of rotary kiln production.
2.  In the building material industry, the rotary kiln is used for  calcining the clay, limestone and slag for drying, etc. In the  production of refractory materials, the rotary kiln is used to burn raw  materials to make them stable in size and increase in strength , Then molding.
3. beneficiation process, the rotary kiln for poor iron ore  magnetization roasting, so that the original weak magnetic ore changed  to strong magnetic, in favor of magnetic separation.
4. Chemical industry, the production of soda rotary kiln, calcined phosphate, barium sulfide. 60s of last century, the United States LapPle invented the use of rotary kiln phosphate production of new technology. This method has the advantages of low energy consumption, low  electricity consumption, no sulfuric acid and available low-grade  phosphate rock.
5.  The whole production process of cement is summarized as "two grinding  and one burning", among which "one burning" means the process of burning  raw materials after grinding and grinding into clinker under the high  temperature of the rotary kiln. Therefore, the rotary kiln is the host of cement production, commonly known as cement factory "heart."
6.  In terms of environmental protection, the developed countries in the  world use cement kilns to burn hazardous wastes and garbage for more  than 20 years. This not only reduces and decontaminates wastes, but also  uses the wastes as fuel and saves coal, Waste of resources.


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