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Application of roller kiln in ceramic industry

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Roller kiln, also known as roller kiln. Mainly used for ceramic tile and other building materials production. Roller kiln is a continuous firing kiln, turning the roller as a green body carrier tunnel kiln. Ceramic products placed in many closely spaced horizontal refractory  roller, roller by rotating the ceramic from the kiln to the kiln, so  called roller kiln.
Roller  kiln generally smaller section, kiln temperature uniform, suitable for  rapid firing, but the roller material and installation of high technical  requirements. Mainly used in building sanitary ware products for rapid firing.
working principle
① ceramic body can be placed directly on the roller or the body first  placed on the pad, and then the hot plate on the roller, as the roller  continues to rotate, the body can be followed by progress.
② the end of each roller has a small sprocket, driven by the chain  rotation, for the transmission smooth, safe, often the chain points in  groups of transmission.
③  low temperature at the roller made of heat-resistant nickel-chromium  alloy steel, high temperature at the high temperature ceramic roller  (such as corundum porcelain roller or silicon carbide roller) as a  roller. Roller length up to 2.5m, diameter 25-27mm, requiring straight and round, accurate size.
④  Roller kiln combustion chamber below the roller, with compressed air  atomized heavy oil, diesel, kerosene and other fuel combustion. It  is also useful for burning gas produced by the gas furnace, the larger  ceramic plants mostly use double-stage cold gas station, the use of calm  gas combustion, resulting in high temperatures. Between  the combustion chamber and roller table, there is refractories  isolated, the flame is not in direct contact with the product being  fired. Relatively  speaking, the gas furnace supporting roller kiln burning proportion of  oil, diesel and other low cost, high efficiency than the direct coal  environmental compliance. When using heavy oil as fuel, in order to prevent flue gas pollution products, to take the flame or semi-flame form. Electric heating, in order to protect the heating element or to make  the temperature more uniform, also need to separate the heating element  and the product.
⑤ This kiln section is smaller, the kiln width can reach 2m or so, the  roller can be distributed around the burner, kiln temperature  uniformity, suitable for rapid firing, and can be connected with the  process before and after the automatic line.
⑥  used for the production of ceramic capacitor roller kiln, also known as  electric kiln, smaller, with electric wire rods, silicon carbide rods,  or molybdenum rods and other heating elements heating and firing.


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