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Coal to natural gas program (1)

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Natural gas  heating in rural areas with the best economy and environmental  protection Five rural households in Langfang a year of natural gas usage  is about 1,500 cubic meters, natural gas price of 2.1 yuan per year,  gas costs 3150 yuan a year. If you use loose coal, a  heating season needs 4-5 tons of usage, the price of 700 yuan per ton,  the price is also up and down in 3000, the use of natural gas does not  increase the cost of residents, and natural gas cleaner and more  convenient, rural residents prefer this the way.
      Rural  "coal to gas" market space of nearly billions of 2020 China's total  energy consumption will reach 48-500 million tons of standard coal,  natural gas accounted for 10% of about 500 million tons of standard  coal, accounting for about 370 billion cubic meters of natural gas, More than 160 billion cubic meters of gas consumption over 16 years. From  now on average, an annual increase of 40 billion cubic meters of gas  needs to be achieved in order to achieve the 13th Five-Year Plan. Gas burner


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