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Natural gas stove operating principle

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As a hot  mechanical machinery natural gas stove in the late 1970s in China began  to widely used, in many industries it has become a source of electric  and traditional steam-powered heat generation products.
     Direct high-purity natural gas stove
Is  the direct combustion of fuel, the formation of hot air by the high  purification, and the material in direct contact with the heat drying or  baking. This method of fuel consumption than steam or other indirect heater to reduce about half. Therefore, without affecting the quality of the dried product, the direct use of high-purity hot air can be used.
     Fuels are gaseous fuels, such as gas, natural gas, liquid gas.
    After  the combustion reaction of the fuel, the high-temperature combustion  gas is further contacted with the outside air, mixed to a certain  temperature and then directly enters the drying room or the baking room,  contacted with the material to be dried, heated and evaporated to  obtain the dried product. In order to take advantage of the combustion heat of reaction of these fuels, a fuel combustion device must be added. Such as: gas burner.


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