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What is the compressive strength at room temperature?

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Oxygen pressure at room  temperature refers to the expired sample oxidation, the unit of area at  room temperature can withstand the ultimate pressure, that is, under  room temperature load stress caused by the destruction of the ultimate  stress. The strength depends on the type and  amount of the binding agent and its additives, but also on the factors  such as the purity of the raw material, the mixing ratio, the amount of  liquid for mixing, the construction method and the oxidation system. The  test of compressive strength is to apply pressure on the special  pressurizing device at a specified loading rate until the specimen is  destroyed. Pressure surface is 40mmx40mm. At room temperature compressive strength test, each sample shall not be less than 6 pieces. That is, each group of three specimens after bending, should be carried out compressive strength test.

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