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  • What is the compressive strength at room temperature? 2017-07-13 Oxygen pressure at room  temperature refers to the expired sample oxidation, the unit of area at  room temperature can withstand the ultimate pressure, that is, under  room temperature load stress cau
  • Natural gas stove operating principle 2017-07-21 As a hot  mechanical machinery natural gas stove in the late 1970s in China began  to widely used, in many industries it has become a source of electric  and traditional steam-powered heat generation
  • Coal to natural gas program (1) 2017-07-21 Natural gas  heating in rural areas with the best economy and environmental  protection Five rural households in Langfang a year of natural gas usage  is about 1,500 cubic meters, natural gas price of
  • Application of roller kiln in ceramic industry 2017-07-13 辊道窑又称辊底窑。主要用于瓷砖等陶瓷建材的生产。辊道窑是连续烧成的窑,以转动的辊子作为坯体运载工具的隧道窑。陶瓷产品放置在许多条间隔很密的水平耐火辊上,靠辊子的转动使陶瓷从窑头传送到窑尾,故而称为辊道
  • What is the performance of silica refractories developed today? 2017-07-13 Silica refractory material is SiO2 content of more than 65%, Al2O3 is less than 30% of an acidic refractory. Including silica brick, special silica brick, quartz glass and its products. Made of clay,
  • Rotary kiln in various industries 2017-07-13 Rotary kiln refers to the rotary kiln (commonly known as rotary kiln), belonging to building materials equipment category. Rotary kiln by processing different materials can be divided into cement kiln

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